class gladier_tools.posix.decrypt.Decrypt(alias: str = None, alias_class: ToolAlias = None)


Decrypt tool takes in an encrypted file and a password to perform decryption on the file. The decryption only works on files that have been encrypted by the Gladier Encrypt tool. It has not been found to be compatible with 3rd party encryption/decryption tools.

FuncX Functions:

  • decrypt (funcx_endpoint_compute)

  • decrypt_input – Path to the file which needs to be decrypted.

  • decrypt_key – Symmetric key or “password” which will be used to decrypt the encrypted file. Must be the same key that was used during encryption.

  • decrypt_output – (optional) The full path to the decrypted file. If not provided, the decrypted file will have the same name as the input file, with the last 4 characters truncated(assuming it was a .aes file).

  • funcx_endpoint_compute – By default, uses the compute funcx endpoint.

Returns output_path:

Location of the decrypted file.