Asymmetric Encrypt

class gladier_tools.posix.asymmetric_encrypt.AsymmetricEncrypt(alias: str = None, alias_class: ToolAlias = None)


The Asymmetric Encrypt tool takes in a file and the path to the RSA public key to perform RSA encryption on the file. Adds an extension (.rsa) to the name of the file. It has not been found to be compatible with 3rd party encryption/decryption tools.

FuncX Functions:

  • asymmetric_encrypt (funcx_endpoint_compute)

  • public_key_path – Path to the .pub file which contains the RSA public key. Defaults to ~/.ssh/

  • asym_encrypt_file – File which needs to be encrypted.

  • funcx_endpoint_compute – By default, uses the compute funcx endpoint.

Returns output_path:

Location of the encrypted file.