Asymmetric Decrypt

class gladier_tools.posix.asymmetric_decrypt.AsymmetricDecrypt(alias: str = None, alias_class: ToolAlias = None)


The Asymmetric Decrypt tool takes in a file encrypted by the asymmetric encryption tool and the path to the RSA public key to perform decryption on the file. The output file can be passed in as a flow_input. If no output file passed, the last 4 characters (.rsa) of the input file are removed. It has not been found to be compatible with 3rd party encryption/decryption tools.

FuncX Functions:

  • asymmetric_decrypt (funcx_endpoint_compute)

  • private_key_path – Path to the id_rsa file which contains the RSA private key. Defaults to ~/.ssh/id_rsa if not passed in.

  • asym_decrypt_file – File which needs to be decrypted.

  • funcx_endpoint_compute – By default, uses the compute funcx endpoint.

  • asym_decrypt_password – (Optional) If the private file is password protected, pass it in through this argument.

  • output_file – (Optional) Path to the output file which holds the decrypted contents.

Returns output_path:

Location of the decrypted file.